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Soluble Mycorrhizae Fungi Plant Inoculum

Soluble Mycorrhizae Fungi Plant Inoculum

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Mycorrhizae blend of 19 species of endo- and ectomycorrhizal fungi, along with
clay, soluble kelp, and humic acids. This formula is designed to help promote fast plant and root growth by increasing nutrient and water uptake. This soluble formula comes in a powder form and has ~92,000 endomycorrhizal propagules per pound and ~1.2 billion ectomycorrhizal spores per pound. It is great for adding to rooting media or commercial potting soils, which can be devoid of beneficial soil microorganisms.

This is a concentrated, ultrafine, suspendable powder which is less than 300 microns and can be used with mechanical application equipment that allows passage of No. 50 screen. One ounce will treat 125 to 200 plants; 1 pound will treat about 2000- 4000 plants or an area covering approximately 4000 square feet. (Depending on size of plant and application method.) The powdered inoculum can be stored in a cool dry area for 24 months without loss of viability.

Active ingredients:
Endomycorrhizal Fungi: (92,000 prop/lb Total)
Glomus intraradices, G. mosseae, G. aggregatum, G. etunicatum (34 prop/g each)
Glomus deserticola, G. monosporum, G. clarum, Paraglomus brasilianum and Gigaspora margarita (13 prop/g each)

Ectomycorrhizal Fungi: (1.2 Billion prop/lb Total)
Rhizopogon villosulus, R. luteolus, R. amylopogon, R. fulvigleba (208,750 prop/g each)
Pisolithus tinctorius (1,250,000 prop/g)
Suillus granulatus (260,000 prop/g)
Laccaria bicolor and L. laccata (83,500 prop/g each)
Scleroderma cepa and S. citrinum (41,750 prop/g each)
*20% Humic Acids derived from leonardite

78% Total Inert Ingredients:
30% natural Fertilizer (inert as soil amending ingredient)
22% Clay (carrier)
26% Other Inert
*Humic Acid content may aid in the uptake of nutrients

**Contains approximately 30,000 endomycorrhizal propagules/lb and 1.1 billion ectomycorrhizal propagules/lb.

Mix at a rate of 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) in approximately 12 gallons of water, ½ teaspoon per gallon or 1 pound to 200 gallons water. Apply using one of the following techniques:
  • Deep root injection: Use spray pattern for deep root feeding at a rate of ½ gallon per hole.
  • For compost tea or watering in and use with porous media (such as potting soils) use as a soil drench at a rate of 6–12 ounces of liquid per plant.
  • For ball & burlap plantings or potted transplants spray or pour on root balls just before backfilling.
  • Mix dry inoculum with potting soil at a rate of 1 ounce per 2 cubic feet of soil or 12 ounces per cubic yard.
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Steven Masterman

I guess i have to wait till i use it to know.