Companion Planting in the Garden

companion planting

Life is so much better when you get along with your neighbors. Plants agree! That’s why companion planting can help your garden thrive and flourish.

Companion planting is simple:

Just arrange plants in your garden so that they are near the ones they “get along with.” There are a few different ways plants can form symbiotic relationships with each other:

  • Repel pests. Certain plants repel pests that might otherwise overtake their neighbors.
  • Provide shade. Planting taller plants that need full sun next to those that like more shade is a space-saving strategy.
  • Attract pollinators. Certain flowers attract butterflies and bees - which you should welcome in your garden!

companion planting chart

Any garden will benefit from companion planting but organic gardeners will find this practice especially useful. When you can repel pests without toxic pesticides by planting certain species together, you save yourself a lot of effort protecting your garden!
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Thank you for sharing this chart! Do you have a printable version available?


Most important in small area. Thank you


This is extremely interesting, something I strongly believe in. It works, just try it.


thank you

jeanna brown

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