Our Roots

Groll family

Hello! We are Jacob and Kassie, and we are the husband and wife team behind The Seed Supply. We started this business after having children and becoming increasingly frustrated with the quality of the food available readily in stores.

We wanted to know for sure that the foods we were offering our family had great nutritional content and weren't loaded with unknown toxins or chemicals, while still being available at a price we could actually afford long term. What better way to ensure that you know exactly what is in your food than to grow it yourself using methods and products that are not only natural but sustainable over time? 

While it's important to keep in mind your end harvest goals, the real work begins in the soil. And for a lot of us, our dirt is in trouble due to chemical fertilizers, over-tilling, and the erosion of our topsoil. Topsoil is rich in organic matter (dark spongy material formed from decomposed plant and animal tissue) that is critically important because it helps the soil hold onto water and nutrients and supports microbes within the soil that recycle nutrients for the plants to reuse. Loss of soil organic matter over time has made many families and farms increasingly reliant on fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. By establishing a healthy soil base your garden can grow healthier, stronger plants with more natural resilience against pest and disease and often producing higher yields.

plant seedlings

With these goals in mind we began testing and sourcing products in their raw, natural state for our own homestead use here in Southeastern Idaho. After years of testing them in our own garden, we began offering our surplus products for sale through The Seed Supply. So whether you're growing on a large scale, enough only for your family, or hoping not to kill the last remaining plant on your windowsill, we are here to offer the advice and supplies you need to get the job done right and get the harvest you want.