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Potassium Magnesium Sulfate KMS 0-0-21.5

Potassium Magnesium Sulfate KMS 0-0-21.5

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  • Potassium Magnesium Sulfate 0-0-21.5 

  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption: KMS delivers water-soluble magnesium, sulfur, and potassium, ensuring immediate availability to your plants. Perfect for low-magnesium soils prone to nutrient loss.

  • Versatile Application: KMS is a solution-grade potassium magnesium sulfate, ultra-finely ground to 325 mesh for use in ground spray equipment or irrigation injection systems. Compatible with various dissolution equipment like fertigation machines.
  • Suitable for All Crop Types: Safe and effective for micro-jet, drip, foliar, hydroponic, and greenhouse applications, ensuring optimal growth and health.

  • Gentle on Sensitive Crops: With low chloride content, KMS is ideal for sensitive crops requiring magnesium without compromising their health.

  • pH Neutral: Neutral pH upon soil application, preventing any adverse effects on soil acidity or alkalinity.

  • Balanced Fertilization: Provides a well-rounded mix of essential nutrients with 21% potassium, 11% magnesium, and 22% sulfur, supporting robust plant growth and development.

  • 100% Natural: Derived from naturally occurring mineral sources, KMS is certified for use in organic crop production, ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices.

  • 50lb Bag Shipped via UPS. Smaller sizes may be shipped via UPS or USPS.
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