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Granular Cliniptilolite Zeolite

Granular Cliniptilolite Zeolite

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Zeolite is widely used as a fertilizer and soil amendment for it's ability to increase water retention in the soil. Clinoptilolite increases soil porosity for aeration, helps prevent soil compaction, and is a carrier of essential nutrients and water. Able to hold up to 55% of its own weight in water, zeolite is able to conserve water from irrigation and rainfall so that nutrients and water are held in the root zone and readily available to plants for fast growth. 
Cliniptilolite zeolite is environmentally friendly and a non-toxic, safe product for people, plants and animals.
This clinoptilolite zeolite is a small granular (-8 +40) and is a pale green color.
Granular Cliniptilolite Zeolite is also great for absorbing unwanted odors and moisture. Because odor occurs in damp spaces, zeolite absorbs moisture inhibiting the development of odor from mold and mildew in closets, laundry rooms, litter boxes and basements. This quality also allows it to absorb solvents, fluids and oils and their odors in workshops and garages or for household sewage backup.

To reap double the benefits, use granular zeolite to absorb odor and moisture from cat boxes, barn stalls and trailers. Ammonium from urine and manure is adsorbed and held in the zeolite and can be composted and recycled as valuable fertilizer. 

Lawns: For new and existing lawns till in 5-15 pounds per 100 square feet in the top 3-4 inches of soil before seeding or laying sod. Water thoroughly. Unlike other white zeolites, the pale green color will blend in nicely with your lawn.
Flower and Vegetable Gardens: Till in 5-15 pounds per 100 square feet into the top 6 inches of soil before seeding, planting, or transplanting. 

Potting Soils: Thoroughly mix 1-3 pounds with 10 pounds of potting soil and water thoroughly. 
Animal Stalls/Trailers: Simply sprinkle over urine and manure and compost once absorbed.

Not for human consumption.

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So good that I bought it again! I did use stacked classifiers with 1/12 inch and 1/20 inch meshes to separate the pieces by size to use for my various projects.