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Sulfate of Potash (SOP) 0-0-50

Sulfate of Potash (SOP) 0-0-50

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Introducing SOP Ultra Fines 0-0-50: Your Premier Sulfate of Potash Solution

Enhance your crop's potassium levels with SOP Ultra Fines 0-0-50, meticulously designed to deliver superior results for growers. This finely ground, ultra-fine solution grade powder is engineered to dissolve uniformly and seamlessly integrate into your irrigation system, ensuring optimal distribution and maximum effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Ultra Fine Solution Grade Powder: Ground to minus 200 mesh for enhanced solubility and absorption, providing your crops with a readily available source of potassium sulfate.
  • High Purity: Boasts a remarkable 52% potash (K2O) content and 18% sulfate (SO4), ensuring a potent and balanced nutrient profile for your plants.
  • Versatile Application: Safe and effective for various liquid application methods, including micro-jet, drip, foliar, hydroponic, and greenhouse systems, allowing for flexible and convenient usage.
  • Less Abrasive: Virtually no abrasives means fewer issues with emitters, filters, and wear on irrigation systems, ensuring smooth operation and minimal maintenance.
  • Chloride-Free: Ideal for chloride-sensitive crops and soils with existing salinity issues, providing a safe and reliable solution for sustainable crop management.

Whether you're a professional farmer or a hobbyist gardener, Diamond K SOP Ultra Fines 0-0-50 offers unparalleled quality and performance to support your crop's growth and development. 

**50lb Bags are shipped via UPS. Smaller sizes may be shipped via UPS or USPS..

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