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ProPeat 11-11-11 All-Purpose Fertilizer

ProPeat 11-11-11 All-Purpose Fertilizer

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ProPeat's 11-11-11 is a peat based granular fertilizer suitable for use on lawns, gardens, trees and shrubs. Homogenous granular prills break up evenly in the soil providing a uniform nutrient release in both wet and dry climates. It minimizes leaching by binding nutrients to naturally occurring carbon and is uniquely beneficial in both wet and dry climates, helping reduce the amount of water lost through irrigation.

  • 25 lb. bag covers 5,445 sq. ft.

Total Nitrogen (N)                 11.0%
   11.0% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
Available Phosphate (P2O5)  11.0%
Soluble Potash (K2O)             11.0%
Sulfur (S)                                10.0%
   10.0% Combined Sulfur (S)
Boron (B)                                0.02%
Copper (Cu)                           0.05%
Iron (Fe)                                 0.10%
Manganese (Mn)                   0.05%
Zinc (Zn)                                0.05%

Derived from Ammonium sulfuate, Muriate of potash, Monoammonium phosphate, Disodium octaborate tetrahydrate, Copper sulfate pentahydrate, Ferrous sulfate heptahydrate, Manganese sulfate monohydrate, Zinc sulfate monohydrate.


ProPeat Application Guidelines

  • Lawn & Turf: Apply at .5lbs/100sqft, 3 times a year - once in the spring, early summer, and again in the fall. Immediately after application, apply a minimum of 0.2 inches of water to disperse the granules.
  • Flowers/Plants/Vegetables: Apply at 1-1.5 lbs/100sqft. Spread fertilizer evenly on the bed surface and work into the top 2 to 4 inches of soil surface before planting. For vigorous growth, repeat applications every 6 weeks during the growing season, working into the soil surface along rows and around plants. Do not allow fertilizer to contact stems or leaves.
  • Ornamentals & Shrubs: Apply late spring and early fall. For longer growing seasons a third application is recommended in mid-summer. Scatter the fertilizer evenly on the soil surface under the outer spread of branches, inward to a point 1 foot from the trunk of plant. Scratch fertilizer lightly into the soil surface and water well. Do not allow fertilizer to contact stems or leaves. Use half rate for young plants less than one year old.
  • Fruit & Nut Trees: Apply fertilizer 3 times a year - once in the spring before new growth appears, early summer, and again in the fall after fruit and nuts have been harvested. Fertilizer should only be applied under the drop line of established trees and watered thoroughly.
  • Watering Suggestions: A thorough soaking is preferred to a light shallow watering. Early morning watering is recommended.

  • California residents, see Prop. 65 Warning
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