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Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi for Vegetables

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The term mycorrhizal comes from a Greek origin of the two words "mykes", meaning fungus, and "rhiza", meaning root. These types of fungi have been able to establish symbiotic (or mutually beneficial) relationships with a wide variety of plants over time. This formulation of endo mycorrhizae work specifically with vegetables, as well as benefitiing many other flowers and plants. The networks created in the root system of plants by the mycorrhizae essentially create more surface area for the roots to be able to access and absorb more water and nutrients from the soil. 

Please read further down for specific uses and application rates. 



• Enhanced plant efficiency in absorbing water and nutrients from the soil.

• Reducing fertility and irrigation requirements.
• Increased drought resistance.
• Increased pathogen resistance/protection.
• Enhancing plant health and vigor, and minimizing stress.
• Enhanced seedling growth.
• Enhanced rooting of cuttings.
• Increased salt tolerance.
• Increased root generation.
• Enhances other valuable organisms in the soil.
• Produce more stress resistant plants during production and for landscape.
• Potentially less pesticide usage.
• Potentially higher transplanting success and faster establishment.

Can be stored in a cool dry place for up to 24 months.

Contains concentrated spore mass of the following:
Endomycorrhizal fungi : Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus aggregatum, Glomus etunicatum

**Contains approximately 100,000 endomycorrhizal spores/lb.

  • Inoculum can be banded in rows or side dressed before or during planting. 
  • Mix at rate of 1 ounce per gallon to apply via root drench. Saturate roots.
  • Inoculum can be mixed in planting soil before/during filling pots, trays and cavities.
  • For seeds Inoculum can be applied in a furrow, 1 teaspoon per row foot.
  • For cuttings apply 1/2 teaspoon under each planting. 
  • For potted transplants apply 1-3 teaspoon under planting, depending on size.